Absolver PS4 - gave crash and save corruption (CE-34878-0 error)


Recently I've been playing Absolver on my PS4 console, I've made quite a bit of a progress there, spent 4h 48m in-game, became "absolver" and got lvl 22.
The issue happened when I was modifying my combat deck - the game crashed with error CE-34878-0. Now the game doesn't allow me to load the save, it says that the save is corrupted. Also, the game says that the level saved in the game is level 0, while the time I've spent in-game is about 4h 48m.

Lightly saying, I am quite disappointed that my efforts were completely annihilated and the progress was so easily destroyed by some tremendous bug. I do not find it intriguing to spend additionally 4+ hours in order to reach the same level with learned moves, skills, items etc. with a possibility that my second save can become somehow corrupted as well.

I need you to look right into this issue and find some sort of solution/compensation for me, otherwise I will be forced to claim a refund and let everyone know about such sort of experience in all social networks.

Looking forward for your prompt attention to the matter and some quick resolution.

Stan Chern

P.S. I am attaching some screenshots for the reference.


  • I also have this problem. I spent the last 5 hours playing had 2 bosses left and was lvl 21 and my game crashed and my file corrupted. Now I have to start all over.

    I have been looking forward to this game for months and I'm really let down. I would love to continue. However this is quite a large bug.

    If I spent money on a game that is going to delete all of my progress every time it crashes, then I agree and think some sort of compensation isn't too much to ask. If anything at least a refund.
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    Hello, same for me too
    I Was lvl 31 with 8hours on play ( i guess)
    Suddenly when i was training deck, absolver get down and my file was corrupted so i lost all and had to create a new file.
    Happened at 2pm (14h45)
    I hope something for this damage, answer about that or something else
    Cya and thanks for your work
  • Same thing,too. About 12h playtime. Lvl 30. Creating a new character is the worst case scenario. :(
  • Yup same here lost 5 hours of play then redownloaded my save and then just lost 2 hours of play this is really disappointing... this is a pvp game that had alot of hype how did the launch come to this... i feel like not even playing the game.. because i already beat it have nothing to do cuz servers can cant play AI in fear of loseing everything
  • Same to me... lots of effort disappeared. So are the save files lost forever?
  • So i also was learning new combos WHEN out of nowhere a guy joins the map Games Crashes and MURDERED my FILE a lvl47 Absolver was killed by that and Now that the file corrupted i cant recovered it i really love this game but honestly this is a bad start i already warned may friends who play with me to be Extra Carefull Now i gotta Re run Everything? If there's no fix to this i might have just well not recommend this to anyone
  • Yep had same problem too lost a lvl34 on a game crash 10+ hrs progress and a fully customized deck now lost and gone foever.
  • I have 25hours and am level 60 with all but 5 bare hands move and 15 sword moves and I crashed during a 1v1 and now can't log into my character because of the same error.
  • This happened to too. Thrice to be exact. Expect that my whole laptop turned off too. 11h, gone. Please fix this. I enjoyed this game so far so much.
  • Also happened to me. Got to level 22 with my character, didnt have the delete but had a bug that didn't let me beat story mode (one of the red dot bosses glitched and did not give me mission progression and would not allow me to retry the challenge to get it so I was stuck) 5 hr play time wasted. Then grinded up while all the servers were down for the most part of the day to get ready for PVP once the servers went back up right? wrong. went to load my character up (lvl 31 with stagger style) boom PS4 blue screen of death and error. My other save loads fine now but i bet they haven't fixed the progression bug (havent checked cuz i've been so pissed at this game). don't release faulty games to the public. I understand its still in development but ffs feels super shitty to have ur time wasted and get nothing back for it. just horrendous.
  • I got the same issue here, i am level 36, 13h11m played, and my file is "corrupted" after the game crashed.
    I already had many crashes while building combat decks in training, but another crash occured when trying to send an invitation to a friend to join my group, and this crash corrupted my data,
    Please do fix it and give us our character back, erasing our very first character from a game is like killing a baby in his mother's hand.. You give him so much love and it just dies in a second for no reason :(...
  • Well, I have not heard anything from the developers for more than two days, and this issue is obviously not getting any resolution and most likely hasn't got enough attention yet.

    Since the developers fail to elaborate, I hereby claim that the game is broken, claim my refund and, make my word, I will make sure that the community knows about your crappy attitude towards the customers - the consumers of the product provided broken.

    Meanwhile, find these topics on the matter created by other players having experienced the same issue, no resolution nor reply so far. Some of their cases seem to be even more severe than mine:


    Have a nice day.

    Stan Chern
  • Yep. Broken. This is the fifth time this game has deleted my data. Come Devs you can do something about this. Like some kind of backup every time you get to the triangle thingys (where you can go to social and Combat trials). Fix please, or give me my refund.
  • Slocap right now.

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    Well, I have not heard anything from the developers for more than two days, and this issue is obviously not getting any resolution and most likely hasn't got enough attention yet.

    Since the developers fail to elaborate, I hereby claim that the game is broken, claim my refund and, make my word, I will make sure that the community knows about your crappy attitude towards the customers - the consumers of the product provided broken.

    in what magical fairy tale land do you live where support tickets for bug fixes get resolved-- even answered, in two days?
  • I had a level 60 Absolver, nearly every bare-hand move unlocked, tons of armor, a fantastic deck setup, I was nearly rank 100 in PvP. After pummeling a salty player, he rage quit, the game crashed, and my save was erased.
  • C'est bien beau ce patch qui est censé avoir résolu le problème des corrupted data (à voir si il marche vraiment), mais du coup aucunes solutions pour nos personnages ? Il faut admettre ça doit être quasi-impossible de retrouver nos persos, mais du coup pas d'excuses de votre part ? Quelque chose qui montre que vous en avez quelque chose à foutre de votre communauté ? Ça faisait plaisir de voir une boite française sortir un jeu innovant et original, mais quand vous ignorez les joueurs qui ont subit vos erreurs, on regrette de vous avoir fait confiance en achetant le jeu...
  • Bonjour Kytsx,

    Nous sommes vraiment désolés que vous ayez perdu vos personnages à cause de ce problème de sauvegardes corrompues. Nous comprenons votre frustration. Nous avons tout fait pour résoudre le problème, ainsi que les autres soucis apparus après le lancement du jeu, et nous continuons à travailler d'arrache pied pour améliorer et optimiser le jeu.

    Notre communauté de joueurs est au centre de tout ce que nous faisons, croyez le, et nous sommes désolés que vous ayez le sentiment de ne pas être apprécié ou entendu. Je vous assure que c'est loin d'être le cas, et tous les commentaires, suggestions et signalements de problèmes sont lus et appréciés par notre équipe, car ils nous aident à améliorer le jeu pour tous. Sans votre support, il nous serait impossible de réaliser le potentiel énorme d'Absolver, maintenant et à l'avenir.

    Alors merci pour votre support, et encore une fois, toutes nos excuses pour les problèmes apparus.

    Si vous le souhaitez, nous apprécierions que vous envoyiez un email au support technique au sujet de ce souci de sauvegarde. Sur PC, l'adresse est: support_pc@sloclap.com. Sur PS4: support_ps4@sloclap.com.

    Merci, et une excellente soirée à vous.
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