Hacker in Game

Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots or footage of them, but I wouldn't come randomly to the forums for nothing like this but; markmcneil312 was seen hacking by one shotting/super strength, super speeding around the world. At first I would've thought it was just them lagging around since I first saw them zippin' around, but I watched them just zip up to an enemy, hit them once and moved on. That's markmcneil312 ingame and steam, so hopefully this enough for whatever is needed.


  • Hi LittleRant,

    We're sorry you've come across such behaviour. Absolver was created to be a fun, fair, skill-based game, and this kind of thing ruins it for everyone; it will not be tolerated. The development team is working on some measures that should put an end to it in an upcoming update. I'm passing your report on to the team for investigation. Thank you!
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