Character Switched with NPC??

While running around fighting NPC's as I crossed paths with another player running the opposite direction and an NPC My character and the NPC slowly fused together then the game froze for two minutes and after the freeze I was in control of the NPC and my character was the "NPC" so to speak. Everything was changed, clothes, hair, stance etc. The only thing that remained the same was the skin tone of the controlled character, I was able to fix everything except the hair. Not sure how many others have had this issue, could you please look into this.


  • Hey suta!

    We're sorry you've had this issue with your character! Which platform do you play on? Do you happen to have screenshots and/or a video of the situation? It would help to have as much info as possible before we forward this to the tech team! Thank you for your help!
  • Hello!

    I play on PS4 sadly I was so surprised and shocked I didn't get screenshots at the time or any type of proof, The best I could do is describe the area in which it happen and what the NPC had on. Thank you for your quick response I appreciate it.
  • Hi again suta!

    Not to worry, I'll forward this on now. We can't give you assurances on a fix, but the tech team will look into the issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! Have a great day!
  • Hello again! ^_^

    Thank you so much, even if there's no possible fix I greatly appreciate the time you took to acknowledge my issue. Really love the game, I'll be uploading some fan art soon just for you guys. Thanks again! You have a nice day as well!!
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