game crashes everytime i load it up

i was having an issue where when i would try to fight the level 60 boss and everytime the cutscene would start up my game would crash and give me an unreal engine error. so i stopped playing the game waiting for an update or something since i couldnt seem to find anyone else having the issue. so i just now tried to get back on and play just to see if it wasnt happening anymore and now my game crashes everytime i start it. i get the devolver screen then just crash. i am very confused seeing as i have a alienware 17 r4 which can easily run this. what seems to be the problem with it?


  • Hi DerJagar,

    We're sorry to hear you're now experiencing crashes every time you start the game. Could you possibly send your crash dumps to for investigation, along with any other relevant information you can think of? That would be a great help! Thank you for your support!

    Have a great day!
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