AntiCheat Needs to Happen, Now.

Speedhackers, God Mode, Unlimited Shards/Stamina.. and now even Lag Toggles.. It all has to go. These hackers have plagued Combat Trials for too long as it is.. Two of these hacks can even be hidden and made to look like everything is normal (Unlimited Shards / Lag Toggles). Something really must be done, and this should be top priority. Stable servers? Yeah, sure.. except all that will be left are hackers running around if this isn't dealt with.

Yeah, I end matches quickly and suicide when I'm up against a blatant hacker (ie. Speedhack / God Mode).. but those matches where you take someone to 2-0 without experiencing any lag whatsoever.. and the following 3 rounds are suddenly hit with lag so bad that not even the fastest combo string starters are landing.. This deters people from wanting to play the game.

AntiCheat needs to happen, Now.


  • Agree, It has to be done soon.
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    Yessir. If it isn't those golden moves screwing me over it's the player jumping around me while doing it @_@
  • Sorry for experiencing these issues right now. We understand your concerns and importance of having cheat-free game. We’re working on anti-cheat systems and will improve them further.
  • What would be another thing they can do, and probably a better thing on top of making their game hack secure, is to legally go after those who are distributing these hacks. They aren't difficult to find, and there is legal precedence for them to take legal action against them (blizzard recently having won a 8.6 million dollar settlement against a game hacking company). These hack engine makers may not be making money off of the distribution of their engines, but they are effecting the game in a negative way, and it is not leap in logic in seeing that this will (if it hasn't already) effect the game companies income from their product. The hacker makers do not own the rights to effect the game the way in which they have. Additionally they aren't that difficult to find. I was curious just where the garbage who make the game hacks resides on the net. Found a few youtube channels connected to and from there it wouldn't be that difficult to find out who they are in order to put a legal vice on them. I'm not going to post where here because I don't want to help distribute in any way. I'm just wanting to let the company who makes Absolver know that these people are out there, they're easy to find, and they need to be shut down and made an example of legally.
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