Losing damage upon deck switch.

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So trough out the game once i reached a high level. I had my damage decently high. 91.1 or 90 depending on what I wore. Moves that I put into my deck never change my damage. No matter what style the move was from. And it was like this tru out my entire play tru. I think it had to do with me leveling up strength and dexterity almost evenly.

Eventually I stopped using my style and and deck to unlock stagger style. I would like to learn every style without making a new character. Now I'm in a pretty huge problem. My damage drops drastically to 75 when I switch to my original deck. Even it I switch to my original style windfall. My str and dex are at soft cap btw. Before I focused on stagger style just to unlock it this never happened before. I could use any move I wanted and suffered no damage drop. Anyway to fix this?

This seems like a bug. Idk if it is. But it's annoying. There was no point in me leveling str and dex how I did if my damage is so low.


  • It seems like you had a visual bug before. I have always had my damage change depending on what moves i had in my deck.
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    Tru the entire game? We're talking like 20+ hours. I mean then idk what to do. I don't want to limit myself to any one style. That brings up a question then. Is that my base damage just dropping or is that just the average damage for the deck? Because if it's just the average damage for my deck thats not much of a problem. So long as my actual damage isn't dropping.
  • Not 100% sure if there are more visual bugs on the meditation ui or not. in the clip you can see that my damage changes to match that of the deck i hover over. Again i dont know if the stats damage becomes a hiden add on number or not. as far as the damage for the deck. i think it may be an average of all the moves damage in that deck. I have not done the math but looks like it at a glance.
  • Well. Thanks for responding. I hope it won't hinder me too much.
  • I wouldnt worry about those numbers at all right now. 1. unless you are top tier its better to focus on gold linking, blocking, and using abilities for your class. 2. the 1.06 update coming out some time this week will let you change your attribute stats
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