Quick suggestions for each class balance

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Stagger: none, I think he is fine as is.

Windfall: slight increase to punish time after a Dodge

Forsaken: breaking moves should go through Parry just like it does khalt.

Khalt: I have two suggestions, either is good I like the second better

1. After absorb give next move hyper armor.

2. A successful absorb also drains a small amount of stamina from the attacker.

The biggest thing for me though is to keep the combat flowing. I do think the classes are quite balanced but forsaken ability to completely stop the flow of combat at any moment bothers me. I don't think it's really op, I just don't like how everything just stops, which is why I recommend the breakers going through.



  • IMO I think the current system is pretty well made. If parry could be broken then that would add more difficulty to a style that is already supposed to be the most difficult. It kind of screws up the reward for that style, seeing how you have to predict timing and direction already.

    And either of those changes to khalt would likely make it a bit op (due to recovery of health and stamina already)

    Can't say anything for windfall because I haven't tried it yet. But from what I've seen their punish window does seem a little small.

    And I try to see the parry as an IRL situation. If someone can parry an attack of yours then it would interrupt flow.

    Maybe make parry give more health/stamina than absorb without combat interruption? I don't like the sound of it but that seems like a viable option to keep combat flowing.
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