Game is Dying at a speed of light pace

From 8k people at launch playing at the same time, to 700?
Clearly the patches ain't doing much for the benefit of the game.

The game has incredibly potential, and its very fun to play...
However, the hackers and the lag problems are making it imposible to play, at least for me.
i dont have that "oh i need to get home fast from work to play Absolver" feeling anymore, now when i look at it at my steam library its more like "ugh, i dont want to get another match with a hacker, or fighting against invisible punching men, or winning just by smashing buttons hitting nothing again.."

I had big expectations for this game, and it being not EA on launch, but maybe, it should have been launched as an EA game...


  • Game's as hot as ever on PS4. I think the drop rates are probably causing the most abandonment, it's hard to feel like the game is worth it when you never get any loot
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    I feel its worth it I easily get most out of it.. Yes it can be frustrating crashing every hour but combat is what makes me keep coming back..And from developers point I know they will eventually fix issues... Its their main game which they have invested a lot... Problem now is just getting good fight most people see my name and run of cliff...
  • it had 30/40k viewers daily on twitch, now it has 100/200 viewers, i cant play this game without rubberband lag but im still playing it, just because there isn't any other game that i want available right now..
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    I challenge you!
  • Not with the rubberbanding and lagginess
  • @Legend I agree. Ya, it's hit a rough spot, but at least the devs are trying and communicating with us.
  • What's keeping me from playing is that the PS4 connectivity got terrible on the second week. As soona s the connectivity is improved, I shall play a lot. I utterly love the combat design.
  • Hey all,

    We're sorry to hear you're running into connectivity issues. We are still working on these and hope to have them all addressed soon.

    Also, if you have encountered any foul play, we'd like to take a look at any proof that you have. The game was designed to be a fair, skill-based and above all - a FUN game, so rest assured that cheating will not be tolerated.

    Would you be able to drop a link/video of the hackers for us? Once you've supplied the link, we'll happily take it from there!
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