Matchmaking level difference limit

I noticed this first when I was a relatively new player (about lvl15 - 20), wanted to try the combat trials and was matched against someone whose level was the double of mine.

For the first few times I just saw it as bad luck but it's become a real problem for me..
I am now at level 20 in 1v1 PvP and a few levels back the game started to match me with level 60 players (I'm at about lvl 40). As I said I didn't mind it all that much for the first few times but 9 out of my last 10 PvP matches I've been put up against lvl60s and for me (I'm not that bad but not that good either) it is incredibly hard to fight against someone who has better equipment, more/better(don't know if later ones are really better or just different) moves, more experience in fighting and Setbuilding AND 20 more points distributed to his stats. It gets even "more" fun with low ping but that's now what this is about (also I know that the team is working on that which I really appreciate ^^)

Also I've been put up against players with the Kuretz mask, so they must have been PvP level 40 or higher which makes me wonder by what means (if any at all) it is regulated who gets to fight against each other in the combat trials.


  • I can see how this could irritate some people. Personally I enjoy it. It gives a type of real life feeling of not knowing if your opponent is better than you or not. Also I find it to be a great opportunity to see my faults.

    On another note, I don't think much of the later moves are "better". It just depends on how you want your build. Obviously knowing more helps expand your horizon though. But that's all just speculation on my end.
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