Offline Input lag

PS4 and PC i have encountered massive. probably 1/3 second input lag after recent patches. This was not an issue on day 1.

I am aware of router interference issues with these controllers from prior experience and have eliminated any interference. is anything being done about this as it seems to be a new issue and is most likely why there are so many complaints about the forsaken and windfall timings. because, again, day 1... zero issues.

If this is intended as a wind-up please inform the community that timing has shifted.


  • I'm not so sure this is a universal thing....

    I can only speak for myself, but inputs have been as snappy as can be on my end.

  • hmm if you have lag on offline mode , i think it's your pc the problem ;) offline mod run really good on gog and steam .
  • @SoftLittleFlake I have noticed input lag as well. I mainly play offline on PS4. Personally it seems like it comes and goes though. I always just thought it was a hiccup with the PS4.
  • I sometimes can't continue a combo, like my button doesn't get pressed. Forcing me to spam said button instead of tactically using it.

    I assumed this was my gamepad, switched to keyboard/mouse and had same issue. Its rare, but happens enough I notice it within 15mins if I'm trying to perfect time my combo with single button presses(happens more so sometimes than other times). You'll just stop combo, even if you timed it perfect. Unless of course you spam the button, which is making me develop a bad habit due to whatever game related issue.
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