Server Connection Fail

Was able to play online fine all day on the 5th, but I haven't been able to connect to the server throughout the 6th and going into today.

Please help, I need to get my Stagger School to level 10.


  • Same here. I could play yesterday morning (6th), but since then I can't connect to servers. And I've spammed the connection attempts quitea lot.

    Are you on PS4, too?
  • Are you on PS4, too?

    Yep, I'm hoping I can get on today.
  • Hey ForsakenM,

    The patch regarding server stability is still scheduled for tomorrow, I hope it will allow you to keep on leveling your school this weekend!
  • i still cant connect
  • Connected on the first try, just now. I'll see if the schools are working.
  • So, it's taking few tries to connect, but almost all matches have unbearable lag. And many matches are failing to load, too. I hope this wasn't the entire fix, because the game is still super broken. It's so weird that it was working well a few days ago.

    Right now, I'm just giving up having a non-laggy fight for the day.

    I'm also baffled that the logic for compensating latency is so terrible.
  • I guess only pc users are able to play online right now.
  • Hi all!
    We're really sorry you're still experiencing server and lag issues after Patch 1.05. It was just the first step in resolving those problems, please rest assured it is still being worked on!
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    Thanks for the update, Dev! You're keeping hope alive. I really want to enjoy the excellent gameplay design of this game.

    BTW, I'm on PS4 and I think other users here are, too. Patch 1.05 isn't out on PS4, yet, right? Will it be available on tuesday?
  • Hi Altair_Snake!

    You're right, Patch 1.05 hasn't been rolled out for PS4 yet. We don't have an ETA yet, but it should be very soon! Thank you for your patience!
  • I got the Patch 1.05, yesterday. It was sooner than I expected, so, I was thankful. After getting it, my first 3 opponents had a good connectivity. And it felt me with hope. But after that, almost all matches still had bad or terrible lag. So, I guess the patch didn't do the trick on PS4. The overall ocnnectivity is still worse than it was on the first week, when most match-ups had good connectivity.

    I assume you guys are aware of this and are still working on more thourough fixes for the PS4 lag issues. Am I right?

    I'll my do my best to stay off the game until I get news on a better fix, because long play sessions in a sea of lag are profoundly frustrating, specially when it's keeping from enjoy such wonderful combat design.

    And thank you for the updates, dev. I really appreciate it.
  • Hi Altair_Snake,

    Yes, we are indeed aware the Patch didn't fix the connection/lag issues for everyone, and the team is still working on it. We can't give you an ETA, but we will give you more information as soon as we can! Your patience is very much appreciated, as always!
  • Thanks again. I'll play something while I hang tight.
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