Confused And Frusterated

This is a post about the Shabu Commander set. I'm a ps4 player, and I've been seeing a lot of complaints from the PC side about us having an exclusive outfit that's just a cooler looking version of the Shabu guard set.

Becuse here's what I don't get.

If the pc had gotten the exclusive outfit instead, I'm willing to bet they'd defend the choice, because it's something they got instead and the bias worked out in their favour. Which kinda bugs me, I mean. It's an outfit. It's kinda silly tbh.

Now I know you'll probably think that I'm just defending this because I'm a ps4 player and I got the set, so what I say doesn't really count. (Not saying that to everyone, just getting that out of the way before the inevitable comment.)

But, I just don't get it. It's a purely cosmetic thing. That us ps4 players didn't even know about until starting the game. I don't really see the problem with exclusive things, especially considering how often pc has gotten exclusive stuff for games that is much more than a simple cosmetic difference.

All I'm saying is calm down. I don't think it's that important, and I honestly fail to understand why you guys feel the need to complain about it so much. Also kinda makes me feel bad for being a ps4 player, and a little uncomfortable to even admit it tbh.


  • Can anyone explain why you guys want anything else but prospect outfit? I think I missed something but in my opinion prospect outfit has one of the best stats value.
  • as you said, it's just a cosmetic, you don't have to feel sorry or ashamed. But I googled it and have to say this set looks neat, so I little bit envy to console players... but at the same point I feel like it such a signature set with it's own personality, so I hardly believe you can express yourself with this stuff anyway.
  • Yeah the first few days everybody was using it. As soon as I found something new I ditched it. It was easily the most attractive gear for early game. but the individuality suffered. So I feel pretty indifferent about it. I understand why people want it, I hope in the future it is available to everyone.
    I also would like to see in made into a drop on ps4, just so not everyone has it right away.
  • As a PC player I didn't know there was exclusive PS4 gear. Honestly I don't really care even if the stats are good im happy with what we got.
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