Missing Powers even after completed story

So after my game crashed and lost all data due to corruption. I saw the game update and decided to try again. This time however i was faced with not having any shockwave power. As my player profile had already became a disciple in stagger style , i used shockwave via that. But as soon as i left to make my school or any others that dont use shockwave . I lose all Access to this. Im cuttently lvl 60 and combat lvl 108 with no shockwave still.
My friends got the same problem + he does not have gravity.
Is there a way to get it back as even during story completion i didn't obtain the power


  • You can get shockwave again and again if you kill Lamren boss in Central Harbor. If you lose Heal or something like that there is no fix unfortunately. Great game, great experiences, sarcasm intensifies, best game ever.
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