Connection and Latency issues (PC)

i would like to know what the dev team is doing to try to fix this issue because from what i have noticed it is a VERY BIG issue and me personally i live in the pacific northwest and i literally cant play online or even attempt to try the combat trials because the connection is so very poor that the lag of in game makes it completely unplayable and it really bugs me because i really like this game and would really like to play it with more then just myself! Sometimes the normal game is somewhat playable online, but the combat trials are absolutely unplayable. its not fair for either player because the lag is so terrible. if im the only person experiencing this i will stop but in the like four or five times ive tried to play i have had one person leave because the lag was so bad for them, and the other times i just kept hoping it would get better but i got my ass handed to me because the enemy keeps teleporting around the room and i keep getting hit when they are standing 20 feet away from me, Anyway sorry i didn't mean to rant i just want to know what is being done about this because it needs to be fixed especially if you want the ranking system to mean anything at all.


  • I play from India and I don't have any internet issues right now, I play other online games without any problem but for some reason I lag alot in Absolver it's impossible to play like this when your attack doesn't even land on your opponent and when the player starts teleporting.

    Please devs fix this issue I'm not the only EU player who has this problem, I've been seeing alot of pages with players complaining about this lag. :/
  • They say they're working on the lag issue so I think we should not worry too much. Just give them time.
    The connection is peer to peer so if you have lag it is possible that the host of that current session have bad internet, not because of you.
    Also, last time I check India is in Asia not EU.. right?
  • Yeah it's in Asia I just have a bad habit of saying this EU word everywhere lel :#
  • Im in NA and I like to categorize the bugs due to lag like this
    1 invulnerable opponents: where the enemy's simply do not take damaged.
    2 Pit fall: when it lags and you fall through the map killing you instantly.
    3: Crippling: this Type of lag causes you to lose your ability to do anything bedsides Guard.
    4: DBZ I named it this because it is a lag where you and any opponents constantly teleport as well as hit quickly with neither party getting staggered until damaged is dealt randomly.
    5: Repeat: this is when all opponents health is restored to max suddenly this is a real bother when farming
    These are the bugs I have discovered that are caused by lag and usually that lag is caused when people enter the zone that you are at I hope this helps fix things.
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