[Suggestion] A "spell" that can change your Combat Deck in combat!

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Hey Prospects and Absolvers,

I am making a suggestion to implement a new "spell" that would allow you to switch to an alternate combat deck and fighting style on use. This would work similarly to unfolding a weapon at the cost of shards, but the key different here would be that it can also change your "combat style" allowing you to switch from using Forsaken's parry ability to Kahlt's absorb ability for example.

This would go along way to increasing the complexity of the game and being able to re-enact a lot of cool fight scenes from Kung-Fu flicks where both opponents realize they must change stances to compensate for their enemies techniques after being put on the defensive for awhile. It would also go hand-in-hand with the current ability to unfold a weapon for a seperate deck that way you cna dedicate the weapon to it's own weapon-based moves and this potential spell for more traditional punches and kicks. At the moment, I'm hovering around a 3 shard cost to use this spell. For awesome-points, give it a cool unique animation for each combat style you switch to like when you use the Defense spell that reduces the damage you take

I'm curious as to what everyone else would think about this idea?


  • Don't weapons already do this? I understand ur point but it might break the game. They have enough to do keeping players interested.
    How about adding an NPC with a large health bar and they only perform basic jabs & feints, but as the fight continues the NPC mirrors the players combat deck. Hmm?
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    I personally don't see how it would break the game to be honest. It would be a spell just like Heal, Shockwave, Gravity, Defense, unfolding your weapon, etc. Like you said, weapons already do something similar. I just thought my suggestion would be cool to allow players to use the weapon deck for it's intended purpose which is using weapon based moves, and then trading out one of their 2 spell slots for the ability to change their combat deck AND combat style mid-combat for the cost of a suggested 3 shards which falls in line with the cost to unfold some weapons.

    If there is some way this could break the game, please inform me as I must be missing it, haha!

    As for your suggestion, I think that would be a really cool mob type that you can fight actually! I'm just not sure how it ties into my suggestion =P.

    Edit: I should probably clarify that for my suggestion, you would still as a player need to have the moves and the combat style you'd like to use unlocked for yourself. I didn't intend this to bypass the built in system to learn styles from other schools. I considered this spell to be something that would become useful later on for Absolvers who actually do have multiple combat styles unlocked and the moves the decks to use with them. It could be considered a high level spell if you will which would make sense and fit with the theme of Absolvers being masters of combat in my opinion.
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    I just think players won't grow accustomed to using this feature. If you have an IQ of 200 show off that big brain and whoop some absolvers. I like your idea and fear it more so.

    If they implement this it's more likely going to be a 1 button shortcut to meditate. And props to whoever worked on the stagger style. SICK
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    I think the best way to balance this would be either:

    A. it only changes your Style (Forsaken > Kahlt) for 3 Shards, that will just switch up your defensive option and the bonuses you get from attributes.


    B. If it changes Deck AND Style, (Forsaken Deck 1 > Kahlt Deck 2) then it should cost all 5 shards and should be an unlock for reaching a specific Combat Trial level. That way it would be more for high level players to add an extra depth to their gameplay.
  • I think it would be too much. The current system is deep enough (you can use feints if you are too predictible) and the all point is also to have a chance of reading your opponent...
  • Shuku said:

    I think it would be too much. The current system is deep enough (you can use feints if you are too predictible) and the all point is also to have a chance of reading your opponent...

    This is a good reason not to have the feature above. I was for it until i read this. Everyone would be totally unpredictable, even if you could do this just once lol.
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