Disconnection Issues

The past few matches I've tried to play I've gotten d/c from. I'm pretty sure it's me because no "Victory" icon appears. Been playing on and off today, and it wasn't this bad earlier. Not sure what could have caused this. The couple matches that did work were lag-ridden and unplayable for the most part. It's 9:28 Central time, as of writing.


  • Earlier I'd played 10+ matches with little lag, and hardly any disconnections. Could be on my end, but given that it's somewhat late here, bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. I'm also on a wired Ethernet connection. I'm assuming it has to do with patch 1.07, but I'm not sure what all was changed back with this update.
  • Going to keep trying though, and see if the same thing keeps happening. Has anyone else suddenly started having disconnection troubles around this time?
  • Just a momentary issue I suppose, no more disconnects!
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