Loss of Saves

ok so i was just playing absolver and i was in a 1v1 but i was kicked out of it and short after the open world map loaded the game froze and crashed and i had to restart my computer because screen wasnt working anymore. so i restarted my computer and started steam and absolver started patching. after it was done tho i started the game but could only choose new game i quit and started the game again and it was the same.

now quetion is if i can still get my save back cuz i really spend all my time in the game there


  • also since patch there was talked about double saving
  • Hey Freakygast,

    I'm sorry to hear you ran into this issue. The team is working on resolving this issue for everyone, but in the meantime, could you please contact them at support_PC@sloclap.com and give them all the relevant technical details? Any input is important to reproduce the bug and fix it as soon as possible.
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