How to get DRUNK. Master stagger style.

First of all, learn all your goldchains.

I play two styles of stagger. Spitting spider style which is a combat option optimized deck that I give out in my school.

My other stagger deck (Spinning spider style) only actually has six stagger moves, including all the alternatives, and the rest is pure optimization. Thats the one I use in combat trials and it messes with people so hard. I built it around using the doublehits and dodges in the alternatives, and that allowed me to easily access them when I needed them.

On the main attack sequence, a variety of similar looking moves with different properties eases the enemy into a false sense of surety about your next blow and tears that confidence down hard. Your openers should always be very fast and at least one dodge, center blow, and sweeping (hi or lo) each among them.

You will want to switch between high and low stances often, but not religiously. At least one move that looks like a faster moveset finisher should actually be a sweeping heavy hitter of some kind.

The center two alternatives should be dodge attacks and doublehitters. The bottom should be a fast attack that considers that your back is turned in that stance. Wrist attacks, elbows, and the doublehitting back stretches are all likely good candidates.

The top alternative should be a fast low sweep.

You have a lot of options working with this one (my husband builds a khalt with my formula and bulldozes over everything) and it's always very versatile, small adjustments can be made in response to something that is countering you until it eventually becomes a perfect destructive drunkard.
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