[Expansion Concept] The Remnants Discipline

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Discipline: The Remnants

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New System: Survival of the Fittest-

Players who are looking to get in good with The Remnants are rewarded for specific actions:

+1 Alignment for each bit of loot traded to Karven Bir.
+3 Alignment for each Victory in Combat Trials.
+5 Alignment for each Warden aligned player killed.
+10 Alignment for each "Getaway" Trial completed.

(Unlocked instantly) New System: The Remnant Treasury-

After joining the remnants, players can interact with bags of loot and essence beside Karven Bir to initiate a trade with the Remnant Leader. Being the generous scoundrel that he is, players can exchange up to three items(duplicates allowed) in their own inventory for an item they do not yet have.

They also gain a point toward Alignment for each bit of loot given, so yay.

(Unlocked at Alignment 45) New Combat Trial: Getaway-

Players are sent to a separate instance of the map where they have just recently stolen the loot of a Wardens or Feral enemy, who proceeds to chase them as they attempt to stage a grand escape. Players must run from one location on the map to another, avoiding hyper aggressive Lost Prospects as well as a constantly scaling number of enemies that follow you closely as you run. If the player takes any damage or dies, they lose the run and must either quit or start over.

For instance, after my character snatches the essence from a Warden(other Discipline), that Warden will begin to chase me as I attempt to escape. To suffer flee the Warden, I must run from the beginning of the Oration Quarter to Raslan Coliseum, all while limited by stamina in addition to the constant threat from hyper aggressive Lost Prospects. Along the way, for each checkpoint I pass, a new constant enemy will begin to follow the last one added- meaning that if I stop, I'll have another enemy to worry about evading. If I take damage at all or die, I lose.

New Style: Vile Style-

The Vile Style is a dirty fighting style utilizing cheap tactics and an underhanded moveset. Heavily influence by dexterity and endurance. Each move is unlocked every 10 Alignment from Alignment 45-165.

Double Team- Summon a shadow ally to execute a Sucker Punch in a target direction.

Sucker Punch- A decisive blow without warning. Very Fast. Disrupting Attacks (Stops charged attacks). Moderate-Low Damage. Moderate range.
Heavy Slap- Stumble forward with an unholy smack. Low Speed(charge). Moderate Damage. Long range.
Groin Kick- Just mean and unnecessary. No honor. Moderate Speed. Breaking Attacks(Breaks block). High Damage. Short Range.
Shove- Keep them off you! Quick-Moderate Speed. Breaking Attacks. Almost no damage. Short Range.
Feint Jab- Dip back and absorb a blow before you strike an enemy in the jaw. Very Fast. Charging Attacks(tanks a hit). Low damage. Moderate range.
Cower- Feign submission to get a hand on the enemy. Very Fast. Counter-Attack(activates upon taking damage). When hit, grapple onto enemy and secure a gut punch for high damage. Personal range.
Headbutt- Self explanatory and illegal. Fast-Moderate Speed. Recoil(bot. Moderate Damage. Close Range.
Gut Lunge- A rude kick to the gut. Fast Speed. Moderate Damage. Long Range.
(Open to suggestions.)

Shank- A blade between the ribcage is a the best place for a blade. Fast Speed. Unlockable(Can't be blocked). Moderate Damage. Moderate Range.
Head Lopper- Take off their head! Moderate Speed. High Damage. Long Range.
Left Slice- A fast, one-handed, upward slice to the left. Very Fast Speed. Low Damage. Moderate Range.
Right Dice- A taste, one-Handed, downward slice to the right. Very Fast. Low Damage. Moderate Range.
(Open to suggestions.)

New Weapons:
(Unlocked at Alignment 75) Rusted Shiv- 0.6 Weight. 1 Shard cost. 180 Durability. (Blunt) -------x-- (Cut). A scaling with Vile, B scaling with Windfall and Stagger, C scaling with Mal and Kahlt, D Scaling with Forsaken, E scaling with Noble.

(Unlocked at Alignment 150) Rebel Blade(Machete)- 2 Weight. 2 Shard Cost. 270 Durability. (Blunt) --------x-(Cut). B Scaling with Vile, Noble, Kahlt, and Mal. C scaling with Windfall, Forsaken, and Stagger.

(Unlocked at Alignment 25) Glass Wraps(Cloth wraps with glass protruding from the bandages)- 0.4 Weight. 1.5 Shard Cost. 150 Durability. (Blunt) -------x--(Cut). S scaling with Vile. A scaling with Stagger and Forsaken. B Scaling with Mal. D scaling with Windfall, Noble, and Kahlt.

(Unlocked at Alignment 50) Sorrow's Sting(A broken alcohol bottle)- 0.5 Wieght. 2 Shard Cost. 160 Durability. (Blunt) ---------x(Cut). S scaling with Vile and Stagger. C scaling with Mal, Forsaken, Windfall, Noble, and Kahlt.

(Unlocked at Alignment 180) Karven's Sabre(A scimitar with gold a golden eye, tear, and dagger inscribed along the blade. Inscription is silver on gold variant). 2 Weight. 4 Shard Cost. 300 Durability. (Blunt) ---------x(Cut). A scaling with Vile, Windfall, and Noble. B Scaling with Kahlt and Mal. D scaling with Stagger and Forsaken.

New Armor:
(Each piece unlocked every 5 Alignment from Alignment 5-45) Scrounger Set- Lightweight wrap of rags and fur. Better for cut damage than blunt.

(Unlocked at Alignment 45) Mold Mask- A hooded mask forged of wet clay, still sagged in some areas. Better for cut damage than blunt.

(Each piece unlocked every 8 Alignment from Alignment 8-72) Eila Set- A colorful looking set of robes with baggy undertop, pants, slick gloves, and leather external coverings. Defends equally against cut and blunt damage.

(Unlocked at Alignment 72) Eila's Mask- A painted headpiece reminiscent of a gas mask from before the fall. There's a sadness in its innocence.

(Each piece unlocked every 5 Alignment from Alignment 75-110) Vagrant Set- A simply torn pair of shorts and a shirt, accompanied by hand bandages, foot bandages, and rodent fur for external guards. User gains 45% increased mobility upon killing an enemy for 8 seconds. Poor against both cut and blunt.

(Unlocked at Alignment 110) Optem Mask- A swirly-eyed mask reminiscent of a wood-pecker. User ignores and knockback once every 45 seconds. Poor against both cut and blunt.

(Each piece unlocked every 20 Alignment from Alignment 20-180) Remnant Set- A dark, heavy poncho modified for arm freedom with a tightly padded long-sleeved jumpsuit underneath. Better for cut damage than blunt.

(Unlocked at Alignment 180) Remnant Mask- A plain, white porcelain mask. A pitch black cross protrudes from the center, the ends of each point on the cross sharpened.

New Powers:
(Unlocked At Alignment 60) Sneak- Dodges cost no stamina and make you invisible during the transition for 10 seconds.

(Unlocked At Alignment 120) Headlock- Send out a shadow ally in a straight line that wraps enemies in a headlock(stunning them) until you get a free hit in. If the shadow ally misses, gets hit, or is blocked, this ability fails.
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