Awful PS4 connection on EU, RU servers. I want a refund.

For a game that prioritizes online experience, it's not only highly upsetting and disappointing in server capabilities and countless gameplay issues that already seem to be taking forever to resolved


  • It also is completely unplayable with the amount of lag in my region and has been like that since the very first day of me purchasing the game. I'm really tired of disappointed in the raw product that came out. Since day one I haven't had a single fight where I wouldn't die simply out of lags caused by underwhelming servers. I was really looking forward to experiencing the game firsthand, but all I see is neglect towards my region. In EU/RUS the game has never ran well, not even mentioning that it was supposed to be a smooth and seem less experience. I'm tired of being constantly let down and disappointed with this game's ability to simply run itself(or by the most part it's absence) and online experience that is downright daunting. I really like the game, but as I mentioned above, I'm tired of waiting for the released product to be finally fixed and regional server connection to be improved, which seems to be taking forever. Therefore I feel like the only way to resolve this issue is to refund the product.
  • you and me both, but i guess im not gonna get refunded on man sky's feeling..
  • Why do people think they're entitled to a refund for online so soon? Few games have solid online early on like this. Even offline games (fallout, elder scrolls, in particular) can suffer from bugs or glitches, or even game breaking glitches. Same goes for lost data, If I had a dollar for ever time I lost a 20+ hour save I would have like a hundred dollars.(and some of those glitches were never fixed).Being early adapters of anything is risky.
    Yes, as consumers quality control should be expected. but being unreasonably impatient is not the answer.
    No mans sky is no longer the game it was, yooka laylee in now playable. Indie devs have it hard, they dont have the money to throw at huge advertised betas.At the whim of their publishers unable to properly debug or delay.
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    I feel entitled to refund this game because I've invested my money in it, hoping I'd get at least some enjoyment out of the game's complexity and advanced pvp mechanics, but every match I get killed by thin air almost instantly, every dodge I make gets constantly countered by short range attacks that shouldn't be able to attack a person mid-dodge.
    I'm not being unreasonably impatient, there is a reason why the game's had its release date on 29th and not any later. They could've easily just postponed the release for a couple of weeks seeing how servers are seemingly screwed up. But no, they'd rather release the game that's virtually unplayable in more than 2-4 regions.
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