Doodles and their ilk.

This is just where I'll post random absolver related doodles I make, so yeah.

First up is a quick drawing of the characters belonging to a friend and myself, Bertha being mine.

Not the best, I know, but I tried.


  • It's all about expressing yourself and having fun. Great work
  • Love the personality you show in them. That's a hard thing to illustrate... good job!
  • I try, thanks. Also, I'm completely open to constructive criticism, because I'd really like to improve.
  • So in other news, I got my hands on a computer and a Wacom tablet. My first order of business was to start drawing purely my characters. It's an incomplete drawing, as I intented to make one for each style. I know it's not my best, and a step back from the previous art in some senses, but I feel it's good for my first time using a tablet.

  • I really like your style. Reminds me of that kinda niche style that some sharper cartoons used to have. Keep it up!
  • so it's been a year, but here I am again. And yeah, I got more art.

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