My build and combat deck

So I'm a windfall user, through and through. With that in mind, I made sure my dexterity was at 20 before I hit max level, spreading out my remaining points to make everything else a solid 16. As for my combat deck, I'm using a vast majority of windfall moves with a few variants thrown in, trying to play to my strengths. While I do have an infinite combo set up, and lean heavily towards fast attacks, I've been trying to play without being a "fast attack spammer." Instead, I rely heavily on my dodge, which I feel I've been getting better at (still nowhere near perfect, and I get reminded of that lots) until I get an opening and then get in a few solid hits, not overstaying my welcome. When I get a chance, I'll post my combat deck here, as I don't have access to it at this very moment.
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