input delay`

Sorry if this has been adressed but i have found in both my pc and ps4 versions as of the latest (2?) patches increasing input lag on ps4 controller.

This happens both online and offline. Which makes the issue most concerning... EVEN OFFLINE

about 1/3 of a second.... this is simply unacceptable in a twitch based 1v1 game. I think this is the cause of the more recent threads claiming that windfall and forsaken (especially) are useless. I was able to counter and jab on command day 1. I no longer am. Ever. at all.

Please let the community know that this game breaking issue will be addressed.


  • I'm not so sure this is a universal thing....

    I can only speak for myself, but inputs have been as snappy as can be on my end.

  • I've also noticed an input delay on all style's respective defensive abilities. As well as one twice the length on the dash.
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