Way of the Balanced Fist

For those who wish to follow the path of a balanced warrior. Speed and Strength go hand in hand. With a variety of techniques spanning all disciplines you will have an answer for every situation. If you must gain an edge in combat, utilise Gravity to slow your opponent down and overwhelm them with your fist.

The default style is Forsaken but students will find success with the Kahlt Method.

Will you join the path toward balance?


  • I also follow the path of the balanced warrior.
    But I myself think that the Balanced Windfall is viable path of balance.
    Dodge of the Windfall can be used to slow down your opponent, or just as a repositioning tool.

    Essence of this style is reading your opponent and choosing rigth moves from your versatile combat deck, containing fast pokes, jumping, ducking, strafing attacks, and the mightiest of blows.

    But be careful any mistep may be your last, especially the attacks on the heavier side, if you are like me treating vitality stat as nearly non-existent.

    Will you tread the path of Wind Balance?

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