What would you polish?

So, I think that most of us agree that, network issues aside, there is something about this game. The core mechanic is a great concept, the weight and feel of throwing blows is magnificent, and the defensive ballet of avoiding them is fun and engaging. That said, more than a few of us seem to have identified one or two things that just don't feel all the way there yet. I'm curious what those things are for other members of the community, so please share. What would you polish? And why?

(I'm leaving this in the Suggestions topic so that hopefully the dev team at Sloclap take notice as well. This thread could possible make a good fishing net for little ideas and changes if people use it.)

I'll kick us off. The first tweak I would make is to the standard dodge (the one all classes use, not the windfall special). In my opinion the stock dodge feels a little underpowered. I don't think it needs I-frames, but I do think the dodge distance could stand to be a little longer. I find that in situations where a surprise flanker moves in on me, the dodge isn't actually enough to move me all the way out of the flanked position. In my opinion, this one little thing is a huge part of what makes solo fights against multiple NPCs feel so rough and sometimes impossible. AI encroachment may be part of the problem as well, but a better dodge may make that feel like less of a problem.
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