Best gear with Fast mobility?

With a lot of trial and error, I've managed to get 35blut resistance with 24(fast) mobility.

Has anyone else managed to get a higher resistance and retain fast mobility?


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    I messed around a bit and i can get 37/24. I can also do 40/24 but the mobility isn't considered fast for some reason.

    This set is for 37/24 (fast):
    Silan Mask
    Tear Chief Armband
    Kuretz Fur
    Fang Li Noble Undertop
    Prospect Tunic
    Leather Wristbands
    Silan Belt
    Orate Keeper Pants
    Tear Trapper Shoes
  • Thanks, Yea I can get 40ish / 24 (normal) I think it's something to do with the rounding of the decimal places as mobility isn't to 1 dp like gear :neutral:

    I haven't fought all the bosses yet so I'll keep an eye for those peaces
  • I currently have 41/24 (fast), is there anything higher that someone else has found out?
  • @Mustu the mobility of 24 isnt accuratly fast because we cant see the actual mobility number that are 0,0 numbers

    as long as you dont get (fast) you wont get the benefits. the stam regeneration and mobility benefits dont change within the fast/normal/slow category but only in between them

    i wear 36blunt armor (fast) as standart equipments wich is mostly build to look nice so im sure theres more room.

    it actually doesnt matter that much because you get virtually 4%more life for each 10points in armor.
    so even going up to 40 would only be 1.6%more life against blunt attacks. i wont give up my look for that xD
  • My mobility is 15 with 71 blunt and 47 cut.
  • Sly Riot is a tank! :smiley:
  • Haha something like that but with the staate of the game right now im trash cause i refuse to
    "earthquake/sharp impact jab/ knife hand strike people to death like everyone else on console,
    I prefer the heavier attacks that shatter bones ;)
  • Understandably so. Man that was a great Downfall run! We put the smack down on that Knight.
  • got 44 blunt 4 cut and yet fast, not big deal :expressionless:
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