Issues with Game Mechanic and Technical Stuff

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Heyo, Been loving the game so far.
That said, there are quite a few minor parts of the game that become very frustrating over the course of several hours.

#1 - content locked behind large PvP wall. I don't disagree intrinsically with this design but 10 combat ranks per boss is quite a cliff for casual/normal play. 5 combat trial levels per content unlock would make for much less of a grind and allow more of the community to experience all the game has to offer.

#2 - PvP arenas should not be only ledges. 2 arenas in particular are the culprit here. On the grand staircase by the end of the game, and another on an octoganal rock with the center missing. It arbitrarily overpowers shockwave by a significant margin and makes for a short and sour match.

#3 - reviving in multiplayer should not disconnect you from your friend.

#4 - Sword content is extremely difficult to access. Most enemies don't have swords. The ones that do don't have them for long, as most swords accessible to npc's shatter after 15-20 blocked hits (including you attacking them or them attacking you) This makes unlocking content again, arbitrarily difficult. more durability, increased ability to wield swords, or just have enemies that have swords period would make that content much more reliable and accessible.

#5 - combat style versus attribute points - Our ability to customize our characters and develop our own combat styles is a unique and fascinating part of this game that I personally love. Unfortunately a single character will not get the job done, as combat styles don't scale the same way with attribute points. Additionally, attributes are locked once allocated, making switching between combat styles unfortunately useless. if you want a new style, you have to make a new character in order for it to be endgame/pvp viable. This will likely be true for content going forward as well.

#6 - a close game button! when i quit the game, it goes to the main screen. afterwards, the only option is to attempt to get online (which in our current state of affairs is rather bleak). I have to wait for the check before it will let me close your game. -_- i've taken to alt+f4 when i want the game closed because its more effective; something i shouldn't have to do. Whats more, if it fails to get online it doesn't go straight to offline, instead opting to reattempt. This is great when you're logging on and terrible for logging off.

If anyone has anything else to add, please share the things you wish would be adjusted/changes to make the game more enjoyable.
Please bear in mind these are my opinions on these design choices and if you disagree with them, keep it constructive. =D
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