A few suggestions for the game.

These just a few ideas I had since I've been playing.

1. Allow us to bring up the map at any time. Also fast travel between Altars after the final boss is defeated.

2. More options for practice/training. Let us customise the dummy to perform certain attacks and chains so that we can learn to defend against them.

3. Armour set bonuses. If you equip certain matching pieces of armour then they could give you certain bonsues, like more speed, or more stamina (maybe even at the cost of something like damage).

4. More customisation options. Different hairstyles for one basic option. But also body types like thin or muscular. Each with their own pros and cons, like a big muscular guy could be slow but hits a little harder.

5. Option to change maps in PvP when players want to rematch.

6. This stuff is probably coming but more maps and areas, more lore/story, more bosses and sub bosses like Jinn Mesca. And of course more styles. I've seen a few Capoeira and Muay Thai moves but full blown styles would be great. Some weapon specific styles would be great too, like Fencing.

7. Speaking of weapons maybe tweak them a bit. They cost a bit too much at the moment and almost nobody uses them. Make them a bit cheaper so there's more reason to use them, but reduce the chip damage or something to make sure they're not TOO strong. And more weapon moves and styles would help too.

I get that it's primarily a hand to hand game but I don't see the problem if some players decide to play a weapon based game, as long as it's balanced.

8.Make it so weapons that are dropped can't be immediately picked up by the guy who dropped it. So many times I'll disarm an AI but they just pick the sword back up before it barely hits the ground lol.

9. Lastly, maybe tweak the AI a little. Not a huge complaint honestly. 1 v 1 or even 2 they're fine but when you get 3 or 4 strong AIs that parry, block and dodge almost everything you do ganging up on you at once it can get pretty ridiculous if someone else doesn't help you out. Not saying make them easier but make it so so many don't gang up on you at once. On that note why are the AIs harder than the bosses? The AI in the final area are all way harder than the final boss. Make the final boss harder, at least on the last tier.
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