Option menu bug

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Hello there,

My game crashed and now my graphics are in old school 4:3 ratio and I can't change it. When I go to the option menu, I can't access anything other than "Game" options. I can't move to graphics option menu.

I play on PC. What can I do ?


  • I tried to play the game in that resolution and I found out that I can't navigate throught any menu. I can't go down in any menu. For example I can't update any other Fighting style than the first.
    It's pretty annoying
  • Hi,

    We're so sorry to hear about this issue you've encountered. Are there any other details you can share with us? Did anything unusual occur leading up to this issue? What are your system specifications? Any error message?

    If you could provide a screenshot or video that may also prove to be helpful.

    We apologize for any frustration this may have caused and hope to hear back from you soon.
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