Landmark on map

I find it interesting that there are no indicator on the map and no hud to guide you through the land. It's a refreshing idea and I like it.
However sometimes it can get really annoying running around in circle not knowing where is your current location.
Thus I suggest we should have some land mark, "icon" on the map that points out famous and attracting landmark.
That way when people are near, for instance, a [big tower] and there's a [tower] icon on the map, they can think "Oh there's the [tower], I must be [in the general location on the map]"


  • There actually is a sort of "Tower" or "Gate" icon on the map (it's that skinny trapezoid looking thingy), and no matter where you are you can typically angle the camera at the sky and find the Tower of Adal looming in the background. I believe that trapezoid actually indicates the door a Prospect enters to become an Absolver, but while out and about in the world it gives you a semi-functional understanding of North/South East/West, a little like knowing which direction the ocean is in. It might still be difficult to orient yourself according to that, but it has been tremendously helpful for me to use the tower as my major landmark. Only one boss left to go, and he's right near the door! I just... can't find him. Tricksy stairs.
  • Go to the "bonfire" near the tower, run straight through the door that leads to the gate. keep running for around 40 meters and keep you eyes on the right. There is a stair with a "tunnel path" under it. That's a marked one.

    Also, don't mind what I asked for. After running around for 10 hours I memorized the majority of the map and all the path from each region to another. This is a small world anyway.
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