Some training needed


I suck and I want to become better. So if some of you guys got a bit spare time it would be nice to get some tipps on what I am doing wrong.


  • Are you familiar with "perfect" attacks and their execution?
  • You mean gold linking? Normally that works fine yet sometimes I screw it up.
  • Check out the Discord server. You can probably get some tips and info. I may hop on it to connect and learn and help people out in various ways. I'm no pro and only have 20 hours in and about 15-20 pvp matches but, definitely learning a lot and fast.
  • That'll be great. Is it possible to meet online and fight a bit? I am unsure if one can meet friends there...
  • are you on PS4? add me diogovital im near rank 100 and i almost never loose so if u want i can do a little spar.
  • I would but I am on PC.
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