Hello fellow prospects, I am Sedna a huge fan of combat sports. I am 24 years old and currently serve as a reservist for the Army here in America. I have a dog who my wife calls our daughter (lol) and a ps4 that gives me attention. I enjoy fighting games which is why I am here like everyone else. I hope to stick around the game community for a long time and make lots of allies, friends, and enemies. It is nice to meet you all. ^_^


  • Nice to meet you as well :)
  • Eric, Navy Vet 25. Just trying to kick some ass on the ps4 waxx7734 I play most fighting games. Once the servers are stable this will probably be my favorite
  • Awesome nice to meet y'all both, feel free to add me if you play the game on ps4. I won't be able to add anyone or play for the next 4 days, going to Brazil.My GT is Olimatgaming
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