Anyone left playing on PS4

So I jumped on absolver earlier this afternoon and I just couldn't seem to find a combat trials match so after waiting and waiting I took a short run down from the tower in search of other players but the world was empty. Is anyone out there still playing or experiencing the same thing as me


  • Nope, pretty active on PS4 EU
  • Havnt touched it since release to slow on fixes to slow on content and no word on when any of it is coming. Dead game. Sadly.
  • must have just been the time of day or I was unlucky I guess.
  • i am in the US.
    I usually play for a few hours in the evening during the week, and throughout the day during the weekends.
    things seem fairly active for the most part in PvE, a fair amount of random encounters, and PvP, not a lot of waiting, and not a lot of repeat competitors.

    If things get wonky network-wise, I occasionally goto the title screen and reconnect to the server, and that seems to improve the experience for the most part.

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    In the U.S. and playing. I was gone for a few weeks though as I had to tend to reality for a bit.
    edit: on the ps4 I forgot to mention.
  • I'm still playing, but only for short stretches, and not everyday. I still find it fun, but it has grown somewhat repetitive. As ALL fighting game eventually do.
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