PS4 Frame Rate Issues

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Hello I play on PS4 Pro and I've been having a lot of fun on this game but frame rate issues are a pretty consistent issue that dilutes the fun a bit. I won't lie I was pretty dissapointed the game didn't run at 60fps considering it's a fighter, even in the 1v1 Mode(I hold out hope for a 60fps update that won't come lol), but I can deal with 30fps. The thing is that even the 30fps is extremely unstable. Every time a player enters my area the game completely stutters and stops for a second or two and when there are other players in my area the frame rate is very clearly below 30fps plenty of the time even when players are not around at times. I'm hoping this can be stabilized over time and even hold out hope that we could see increased fps in 1v1 modes since they are limited areas that seem like they should be able to manage 60fps but I'm no game maker I don't know. Anyway I have really been enjoying the game and look forward to seeing where it goes from here


  • I'd blame Sony more than the developers. For first time ever, this console generation was years behind PC hardware, instead of pushing it. Countless console games locked at 30fps. I get no FPS dips on PC, constant 60fps. I find it highly optimized minus the initial load into game. All settings maxed. I feel limit of 3 players per world instance, is lame and directly due to supporting ps4. Your lag might also be related to being Host with lackluster hardware. Since far as I know, this game runs off peer to peer connection, not a true server(I expect people to use lag switches, due to this fact). Try it in single player mode, for PVE times and I bet you dip less.

    Just wish there was a darn blur option, to turn off that dumb feature....
  • Hey all.

    We are really sorry about the frustration. We do know that this is happening and I can assure you that we are working very hard on getting it resolved. Thank you for bearing with us!
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