ability to check conniction

some way to keep an eye on the condition of the connection as well as what the actual ping/MS is in the game? I notice the little icon top left in the menu when looking for 1v1 however either this is lying to me or is not an indication of server ping. I have been forced up against nothing but teleporting foes and I don't even know if the issue is me.


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    This is because of the p2p connection system. IMO it can be done right, but it's a flawed system still.

    BUT, there an 8 person team so I understand connection issues.

    Your ping is YOUR connection to the server, I believe. I don't know how there ping plays into the whole ordeal.
  • yes ping is your connection but knowing if my connection to the server is good or bad lets me know if i have an issue or if im being forced to play against others that have an issue.
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