My Combat Deck

Just thought I'd share my current main deck. I haven't unlocked every move yet so somes might change in the future but I'll most likely keep the basic structure.

Stagger Style.

Top Right.
Direct Punch > Drunk Crane > Jackhammer Punch
Alternative: Charged Haymaker

Top Left:
Roll Punch > Wrist Jab > Side Kick
Alternative: Jump Out Elbow

Bottom Left:
Uramawashi > Double Spike Kick > Spiral Back Punch
Alternative: Illusion Twist Kick

Bottom Right:
Backfall Strike > Fast Back Fist > Leg Breaker
Alternative: Low Spin Heel

I'm open to some criticisms and questions if you like.


  • Uramawashi for the win! One of the best kicks in the game.
  • Yeah it's really good. Sadly I had to get rid of it though, found a better use for my lower left stance. Plus I've unlocked way more moves since so now My deck is quite a bit different now in terms of the moves that I use.
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