Combat Trials Arena Cliffs

In Arenas with a cliffs in combat trials none playing normal, it became ShockWave Wars
Who ever use Shokwave better wins and its very easy to fall in this game. its more luck than skills.
Maybe put an option to mark or unmark maps-arenas that you want to play or not? especially in rank


  • I would also appreciate a PvP mode without the use of the crystals. So no weapons, no healing, no powers, just pure fighting.
  • Yeah when I get into a pvp, I want to just straight fight the other person but whenever there is a ledge, they run straight over to it and try to bait me. Luckily with their mind so focused on that, its usually pretty easy to dodge and they end up throwing themselves off the cliff, but man, I just want to straight fight people without that concern.
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