Basic combat knowledge and build advice

I run a slow, strength build and haven't had much difficulty using it to be honest (after the first few hours). If I encounter fast people I usually sit back and learn their favoured moves. A lot of people like to follow the same pattern in their combos, myself included. then I move in on them and block until I find the right moment to parry them. Next thing you know they are flying backwards from a couple of uppercuts and knees to the face. I also wear the heavier blunt blocking armours meaning if I mess up the parry its not to as punishing.

I think the problem most people will encounter is yes its easier to come in spamming out fast jabs and spin kicks but its more successful to draw the fight out learn the moveset and counter it. I personally prefer the slower attacks because when they hit they hit hard and nine times out of ten the person is then panicking messing up their combos or backing away because they are worried that another combo of yours is going to land.

All this being said I would like to suggest the following when considering builds:

-Try open with a generally fast attack in your combo, it catches people off guard. Especially with my slower build, people are too busy looking for the heavy hitting slow attacks to be considering the damage that small 50 damage jab is going to do. This opens them up to be followed by your harder attacks.

- Second, put the heavy hitter in the middle. This isn't your charged attacks, no I still recommend putting them at the end. This is the uppercuts and elbows that are dishing out your chunks of damage. They hit hard stagger the opponent and make them panic.

-Finally (in regards to major combos), put those charge attacks at the end, these things aren't meant to connect anywhere past the first use in my mind they are there to show the damage your capable of. This move is the one that will always be dodged and the one remembered most. Your first two moves will take up around the same amount of time as this move alone does leaving this one in the front of their mind.

-Last I want to mention the alternative attacks, anyone who understands the way they work will be at a huge advantage. These moves break your combo, they switch it up. For this reason I like to pick ones that will change my stance. This lets me move into a new combo without finishing the previous one, which means while the enemy is looking for that killer charged haymaker they are getting hit with a leg breaker and high kick to the face.

Okay onto to the actual act of fighting:
-The biggest enemy for most players, myself included is being stun locked. For this reason like i mentioned before you need to approach each fight slowly and methodically. Rushing to be the first guy to land a blow is only going to end up with you laid out flat in the dirt. Block, dodge and read the attacks coming your way. Then when you are ready and they are in rhythm and there is an opening you open up. I use forsaken so I have no problem finding an opening.

-Another big problem, primarily with PvE is the 2v1 and 3v1 fights. This is because the game doesn't make it too clear you can attack a target you aren't locked onto. This is really useful and generally I chose someone to dodge and lock onto them while dealing with the other nuisance first. This is because its easier to control dodging on the locked on target rather than the untargeted one. The one thing you need to remember though is that the stance when fighting untargeted is orientated in the direction you pull the left thumbstick.

This is all just based around my experiences and build so by all means don't take this as the word of law when engaging a fight and building decks, obviously dexterity combos will probably follow a different pattern. But I feel it is a good starting point for newer players and just some tips to help make the game a little less frustrating when starting out and not understanding every mechanic of the combat.

Sorry, if this is a bit long but I felt these are some useful things for newer players from complaints I have seen and heard from friends and other forums posts.



  • Very well said. I'm Windfall running a pure mobility/dex build, and as a fast character I can honestly say, "I hate you." You are the type of person that puts me on edge and breaks my combos apart. It is easy to engage on builds like yours, but after a round or two I have to switch it up and focus heavily on those haymakers. I'd recommend some
    a dodge sweep or a fast jab set up after the big ones. I dodge, then immediately get hit. Overall a great guide for the newer Prospects. 10/10 for heavy hitters.
  • Bless you Mowley for those tips wich, I'm sure of it, will please a lot of new players :)
  • KenKen
    edited September 2017
    Yeah that's really helpful. I also run a Windfall build based around mobility, and the insight into my nemesis (Bard said it perfect haha) really helps me understand what I should be doing myself!

    I've got some changing up to do! Thank you so much, friend!! :D

    Edit: As for some insight: I'd like to add what helped me most was specifically how to use the Alternative Attacks as a way to change it up... I've been missing something from my build, and I've been building my decks like regular beat-em-ups... Square is my light attack and Triangle is my heavy (I'm on PC, but I use a controller). It's a bad way to do this game, I'm finding. It's okay for PvE, but I get messed up in PvP unless they're as new as I am.

    So the thing I've been missing is how to speed up my build, and using Alternative attacks in this way might be the huge improvement to get me over my low plateau. Sadly I'm busy all day today, but I can't wait to get back into it :smile:
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