Lore information and speculation

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It is time.
Time for us to start gathering the scraps and putting the lore together.

I shall start with an interesting statue I found in the tower. Sort of reminds me from the old guy in the opening movie.

Then we have this. Telling us that prospects move between "planes" one presuming this means us too.

Also in the opening movie we have the curious critter of light we give the mask to. Curiously we did not make that mask despite the masks description referencing that people show up to the temple with their own masks carved already.
So why didn't we do this? And why did the people running this selection process see fit to give us a mask and maintain a stockpile of masks?
An NPC in one zone even says that the masks let us cheat death.

What is even going on?
It seems like we're thrown into the middle of some magical post apocalypse that hit the tower area. Things have died down to the point that people can enter with normal people and prospects both entering and running around doing stuff for unknown reasons.
Why do we hunt the marked ones? What was with those two boss characters without masks? Just what do absolvers do?

Theres answers but we need to start digging


  • Spoilers

    The other thing to mention would be how the end boss removes the mask of her enemy and pushes him off the ledge then tosses the mask to you. Indicating that the person may not come back.
  • One would assume that without the mask we can't cheat death.
    And we can indeed cheat death as the NPC at the bridge points out the marked ones will be back once they "fold" and the arena marked one references his prior defeat/death at your hands in a cinematic.
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    The entity didn't make the mask, it simply enchanted the mask with essence.
    Transferring between planes is called Folding, Hence why being in the plane is called being "in the fold".
    And when you take out your weapon you "unfold" it. Or when you die you unfold.

    The marked ones are tests that you must overcome in order to progress from a Prospect into an Absolver.
    The purpose of the Absolver we do not know but we do know that we will be called on in the future when we are needed.

    if i had to guess who the statue was, I'd say it's Simeon

    The reason everything seems "post apocalyptic" is because some pagans and wizards were hording all the essence for themselves and something happened that led to their downfall. The tower is now under "our" control and that is why we are able to fold and unfold and why you seen that entity at the beginning. It's all related to the essence
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