Camera bug on Sifu

I have a problem with my camera in Sifu. The mouse movement is registered when I am in a menu, but as soon as I'm outside of the menu, it stops working. The right and left mouse clicks work but that's all.
I experience this issue with every game on the Epic Games platform so far (Sifu and ghostrunner). I do not have this issue when playing a game from Steam.
I recently bought a new PC and I have this problem since then. I could play Ghostrunner with no camera issues before.
I already communicated with Epic Games and told me they could do nothing for me and redirected me here. I hope you can fix my problem.
Here are my specs:
- CPU: i7-10700 2.9GHz
- Memory: 32GB
- GPU: GTX 1080
Thank you for your help and have a nice day!


  • Hey the same thing happened to me and i was wondering did you end up fixing it
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