Top Down

I would like top-down strict mode. I think a lot of games could offer a top-down mode, allowing players to focus on combat. This will reduce the amount of attention needed for 3rd person, allowing focus of combat development. I know there are reasons this isn't being worked on, though I would like to say something.

Top-down is popular, in the sense players are accustomed to it. They think of it as the means to the end. It allows for field view, allowing them to best anything you throw at them. Also This gives the sense more can be done, in the sense skills can be developed on that platform. Camera ai is important in the future, being melee or ranged based. Or more over, skill sets allowing player to utilize the camera for an advantage. (Example: Mirror same, being the ability to hold up a blade, to see the reflection behind them. This will offer a great view distance in the "3rd person" "top-down" fixed camera view.) Sure one example won't be enough, to justify the mode, though that's why you have a creative team.


  • Hey, just wanted to say that I read your comment, and I don't think they plan on making a top-down fighting game, really... They have been very creative with camera angles on Sifu, and proved they were capable of a lot better than regular top-down view. I like it
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