Impromptu fights with other players is all fine and dandy.
Show common curtiousy and revive.
Shit is irritating.
Come on people.


  • Heh I had a guy fight me yesterday after helping him out, I ended up beating him so I revived him, he got up and did the shrugging emote then started punching me again. I just left the area haha
  • Just to expand, if you attack me, expect a. To die, even if I'm afk when you start, b. You will either not be rezzed or you will be rezzed and then killed and rezzed and killed again until you give up and run away or respawn. And that to me is common courtesy for people who attack you, not that I don't attack people either, but if you're gonna run it make sure the guy isn't drastically better than you if you do. Also if you're friends with the guy who attacked me and died, and you rez him I will KO you as well
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