'The peak is located above the first layer. It is also the place where the city's Star Gathering

Su Ming cast his eyes at the top layer of the city and only looked away after a long period of time. He walked towards one of the shops selling herbs in the fourth layer.

  He did not buy the herbs needed to create Mountain Spirit and South Asunder. His main purpose of coming to Han Mountain City was to find a map that leads to the Alliance of the Western Region and to find herbs required to create Spirit Plunder.

  Through the morning, Su Ming went to multiple shops. These shops were well supplied with all sorts of herbs, but the prices were also more expensive compared to Wind Stream. Fortunately, Su Ming's pockets were rather full with the stone coins given to him by Fang Mu as a sign of respect.

  'I still lack five of the herbs needed for Spirit Plunder, and...'

  When noon arrived, Su Ming fell into a thoughtful silence. He walked towards the entrance of the third layer. There was also a magnificent gate there, and there was a dim light blinking within the door. There were dozens of people gathered near the door, and they were all there for the entertainment.

  Su Ming saw some of the Berserkers walking past the door, and some were expelled because their levels of cultivation were not high enough. Their faces might have been filled with anger, but they knew there was nothing they could do. They no longer tried, walking towards the watching crowd. There, it seemed like they bought something before returning to enter through the dim light in the gate.

  After a moment of observation, Su Ming moved towards the gate. The moment he arrived, the people who were watching for entertainment purposes looked towards him.

  Su Ming remained composed. He moved towards the dim light, but at that moment, he felt a strong repelling force falling on his person. It was as if someone pushed him with a great force. He staggered backwards a few steps, and found himself unable to go through the gate.

  'The limit is the eighth level of the Blood Solidification Realm...'

  Su Ming frowned and moved backwards. He had managed to deduce the requirement to enter the third layer based on the repelling force alone.

  "It's another one of those without any abilities coming up to try again. Vale and Valir Hey, I'm talking to you! Come here!" The dozens of people watching by the side immediately called out to Su Ming.

  Su Ming looked over coldly. The person who spoke to him was a middle aged man at the fifth level of the Blood Solidification Realm. When he saw Su Ming looking at him with a surly look, he immediately glared back, revealing the white plate hanging off his waist.

  "Hmph, you seem pretty stubborn. I usually sell this pass for 1,000 stone coins, but for you, if you want to pass through the third layer, you'll need to buy this for 1,300 stone coins!" The middle aged man let out a cold harrumph and brought out a palm sized stone piece from his bosom, waving it in his hand.

  Su Ming averted his gaze and did not bother with the middle aged man any longer. He looked towards the dim light on the gate instead and walked towards it once more.

  Not only did his actions cause the middle aged man to laugh coldly, the other people from the three tribes selling the pass around them also looked over and started laughing mockingly.

  "I haven't seen someone like this for a few days. Fang Lin, don't sell that pass to him even for 1,300 stone coins!"

  "It's a pity Fang Lin got to him first. He'll definitely earn big this time! If it were me, I wouldn't sell the pass for anything less than 2,000 stone coins. Either he'll have to buy it for an exorbitant price, or he wouldn't be able to go in. It's his fault for not being at the appropriate level."

  It was clear that these people were well acquainted with each other. Immaculate Spirit As they laughed, an agreement was formed between them. None of them would sell the pass for a low price, all of them raising it.

  Their laughter caught the attention of people around them. It was especially so for those who did not manage to pass through the door. Most of
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