"Thirdly, I hope the brothers stop trying to divert everyone's attention. The matter with the Ha

"So, I'd like to ask that President Han answer Su Yu's questions and not dig his own grave!"

  "Finally, my wife is simply providing assistance, she's not twisting the truth. She is willing to take responsibility for everything she's said!"

  In other words, Han Jie was trying to divert everyone's attention, but he was simply fanning the hatred that the public felt for him.

  Of course, as soon as Mo Ting's evidence was released, the Han brothers were exposed of everything...

  "The Han brothers are psychos. They did something wrong, yet they won't admit to it, instead they're asking others why they are interfering with someone else's matters!"

  "My Ning has come across the cruelest brothers. No one can compare to them!"

  "They started it. I don't know how these two brothers could call Tangning an outsider when they framed her first..."

  "My Ning doesn't have much spare time. If these two brothers weren't so disgusting, no one would want to get involved with them; they would just avoid them."

  In the end, Han Jie used Tangning to draw away attention, but Mo Ting quickly threw it back at him.

  Did he think he could escape so easily?


  Han Jie was slapped in the face - left, right and center - leaving him with no strength to retaliate. Those watching the drama unfold, couldn't help but cheer in amusement.

  If he was simply complaining that Tangning was butting her nose into the Han Family's business, he may have had an argument. But, after all the hurtful things he had done, wasn't it only right for them to respond with a little something of their own?

  Han Jie was almost driven mad by the stress!

  At that time, Father Han also called to apply pressure and urgency. So, Han Jie exploded, "I'm making such a huge sacrifice for your measly matter. You may be able to hide overseas, but what about me? Isn't one troublemaker at home enough...?"

  "Don't criticize me, aren't you selfish as well?" Father Han asked. "I've already given the family business to you, what else do you want?"

  "The current mess is too hard to clean up. If I can't clean it, then you will need to handle it yourself. After all, I was still a child when everything happened."

  "Han Jie...you are such an ungrateful dog!"

  Han Jie couldn't be bothered listening anymore as he hung up.

  There were only a few people in his family, but there wasn't a single one that he didn't need to worry about.

  They either caused trouble or were trying to escape trouble; his life was not easy.

  Han Jie threw his phone to the side. That was when he noticed Han Xiuche standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. His heart immediately dropped as he asked, "Why did you come in without knocking on the door?"

  "I knocked! You simply didn't notice," Han Xiuche said innocently.

  "What did you hear?"

  "Is there something that you're worried I might hear?" Han Xiuche asked.

  "It's nothing. If you don't have anything to say to me, then get out," Han Jie was not in the mood to argue. There was still a huge mess waiting for him to clean.

   Trafford is Trading Club Right now, he was being cornered by Tangning and Su Yu, to the point where he could barely breathe. If he couldn't hold up against them, then he had no choice but to betray every last person in his family!

  Of course, if even that didn't work, then all they could do was pray.

  So, they wanted him to respond to Su Yu, huh?

  How was he to respond?

  No matter how he responded, Tangning was going to throw him into hell!

  That was the consequence for offending Tangning and Mo Ting!

  Han Jie was left with no choice but to use his last trump card...  Because of the matter, Han Jie went to look for one of the parties involved: the cousin of the secretary. As the situation was getting tense, the cousin took some time off work to hide at home; it had
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