Qin Feng summarized the night's events, and Rao Shi Man occasionally chimed in to confirm his ac

After hearing everything, Qin Huang was deep in thought. A while later, he suddenly looked at the large puddle of blood on the floor. Then, his expression changed drastically. "The Zhou family was here?"

  "They came and left!" said Qin Feng casually.

  "Did you hide when they came?" Qin Huang's gaze was filled with alarm.

  Qin Feng's lips quirked slightly. "Chairman Qin, why would I hide? I'm not a rat!"

  With one line, Qin Feng shattered the cold and stifling atmosphere. Rao Shi Man couldn't help but burst into laughter. Her slender, lily-white hands covered her red lips. She'd been sad the whole time, and her sudden laughter was as beautiful as a blooming epiphyllum.

  Qin Huang had a slight urge to laugh as well, but he suppressed the it, his lips twitching slightly several times.

  "Is this any time for that? Be serious, brat!" Qin Huang glowered at Qin Feng. "You've seen the Zhou family? And they took Zhou Kai's body away?"

  "I saw them. The family elder and his four sons came!"

  Qin Huang's expression continued to fall. Zhou Kai was the eldest grandson of the Zhou family and in the direct line of inheritance. He died so suddenly-and in Royal Hotel at that-and even the Zhou elder came to personally punish the criminal. It was clear that Zhou Kai's death was a very important matter to them.

  But the Zhou family came and left, yet Qin Feng sat there safe and sound? This was beyond reason!

  Qin Huang's brain whirled, and he guessed at several possibilities. Then, he suddenly slapped his thigh violently and jumped up from the sofa. "Oh no, oh no. The Zhous probably couldn't accept what happened, so they've gone crazy. They're likely to mobilize their entire family to attack our Qin family tonight. You two, get back to Qin Manor right now. I'm going to summon all the Qin family bodyguards to Qin Manor. This is going to be a violent and bloody battle!"

  After hearing what his old man said, Qin Feng was speechless.

  On the other hand, Rao Shi Man was frightened; she also stood up, clutching Qin Feng's arm with a guilty expression. "Qin Feng, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! I really didn't think things would come to this. Why don't you confess the truth to Chairman Qin? ...Never mind, I'll ask for forgiveness myself!"

  Rao Shi Man was going to tell Qin Huang the truth: she killed Zhou Kai. How could she let Qin Feng take the blame for her? And this blame was too large, so large that it will cause the Qin and Zhou families to engage in a bloody battle!

  Rao Shi Man hadn't yet gone up to Qin Huang when Qin Feng held her back. He didn't control his strength, and the tug sent Rao Shi Man diving into his arms.

  Rao Shi Man had just finished showering, so her body was enchantingly fragrant. Her skin was smooth and exquisite. Qin Feng didn't want to let go.

  "Qin Feng, y-you want to anger me to death?!"

  Qin Huang was going to die of anger because of this son of his. They were in such a dire situation and he was still thinking about picking up girls? Qin Huang had the urge to call in Xu Ruo Rou and reveal Qin Feng's identity as Young Master Qin to both women.

  "Chairman Qin, when Elder Zhou left, he said one thing!" Qin Feng still didn't want to release Rao Shi Man. He hugged her lightly. After all of tonight's experiences, Rao Shi Man was still afraid. She didn't struggle, and she suddenly felt that Qin Feng's embrace was very warm and safe!

  "What?" asked Qin Huang immediately.

  "Elder Zhou said that starting tonight, the Zhou family would completely step down from its position as one of the four major families in Acropolis!" Qin Feng continued, "He also said that Zhou Kai was unworthy. He abducted Miss Rao Shi Man yet accidentally fell to his demise, and death cannot wipe out his crimes. After all this, he will personally come to thank the Qin family and apologize to Rao Shi Man."

  Qin Huang's eyes became extremely wide.

  Rao Shi Man lifted herself slightly off Qin Feng's chest and goggled at him.

  The two of them wondered if their ears had gone bad. Otherwise, how could th
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