The cultivator in green garments continued to laugh, "Wrong again. The one who snatched the Demo

"How can it be? How could an Inferior Grade Martial King do all this under the noses of so many half-step Martial Monarchs?"

  "That is absolutely impossible. You must be exaggerating."

  The few people at the side shook their heads. They obviously did not believe the cultivator in green.

  The cultivator in green garments smiled faintly and did not try to defend himself. "It is up to you whether you want to believe me or not. Soon, you will know the truth."

  This topic continued for a while until someone brought up a new topic, "The Trial of the Ancient Desolate Tower seems to be starting again. I wonder how many people will qualify to participate this time?"

  "I guess that there will be more people than previously. There are simply too many geniuses in this generation. It is going to be hard for the Great Jin Nation to continue monopolizing the top spots in the Five Nation Youth Competition."

  "That might not be so. The Great Jin nation has the most Spirit Veins in the Tianwu Continent. They have even more geniuses than the others. It is going to be challenging for the other four nations to occupy the top ten."

  "Let's see the results of the Ancient Desolate Tower. If someone can make it to the Ancient Desolate Tower's seventh floor, there might be a chance of that happening."

  "It's difficult. Aside from the people from the Thunder Emperor's era, no one has ever made it to the seventh floor in the past few thousand years. Right now, the geniuses of this era are only budding. We will have to wait for at least ten years."  The Trial of the Ancient Desolate Tower is about to begin? The All Slayer Does that have something to do with Jiang Zimo and Xia Xiyan? Xiao Chen opened his eyes.

  Interest flashed in Xiao Chen's eyes. He intended to ask more about it but...

  "Young Hero, it is your turn."

  At this moment, a pretty young girl came over and spoke to him softly.

  It looks like I can only let it go for now. However, I now have a clue of the Ancient Desolate Tower. It should be easy to learn more later. Xiao Chen got up and followed the servant girl into the room ahead.

  When the cultivator in green saw Xiao Chen get up, he was deep in thoughts as he watched his back. Earlier, he had not noticed Xiao Chen.

  However, now that the cultivator in green garments saw Xiao Chen's backs, he started thinking.

  He is wearing white robes and is an Inferior Grade Martial King. He looks to be younger than twenty. Unfortunately, I did not see him carrying a saber. He must have it in his spatial ring.

  The cultivator in green muttered to himself. "I should follow him closely. If he is a bladesman, chances are is that he is that person."


  Within the appraisal hall, an old man took a sip of tea. When he saw Xiao Chen enter, he smiled and said, "My humble self is the Flowing Wind Pavilion's Old Ma. If Young Hero intends to sell something, please take them out to show me."

  Xiao Chen nodded but said nothing. He pointed his Universe Ring in an empty space in the hall and a large pile of objects tumbled out.

  When the sound stopped, a one-meter-high pile of miscellaneous items appeared in the middle of the hall. Old Ma nearly spat the tea he was drinking.

   Mr CEO Spoil me 100 Percent Old Ma managed to stop himself from spilling the tea as he said with a somewhat unsightly expression, "Little Brother, are you here to mess around? Do you know what kind of place my Flowing Wind Pavilion is? How dare you show me a pile of trash?"

  Clearly, the other party did not think that all of these items were valuable. He felt that Xiao Chen was here to make a fool of him.

  Xiao Chen sat down calmly and said, "You will know if it is really a pile of trash or not when you take a look for yourself."

  When Old Ma saw Xiao Chen's confident manner, he hesitated. He squatted down in half disbelief and casually picked up a bottle of Medicinal Pills.

  Old Ma
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