Regardless of how powerful a Martial Ancestor might be, regardless of what sort of heaven-defyin

Back when Chu Feng was a peak Half Martial Ancestor, he could increase his cultivation to that of a Martial Ancestor temporarily after using his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings.

  However, such a thing was out of the question for the True Immortal Realm. The True Immortal Realm was not a realm of cultivation that one could break through by using the power of one's Heavenly Bloodline.

  Thus, not to mention Chu Feng being only a rank seven Martial Ancestor right now, even if he were a rank nine Martial Ancestor and unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings to increase his battle power, he would still not be a match for a True Immortal-level expert.

  In short, Martial Ancestors would always be Martial Ancestors. They were beings that would never exceed True Immortals. This was the greatness of the True Immortal Realm.

  The True Immortal realm was the true dividing line in the path of martial cultivation. Before this dividing line, regardless of how high one's cultivation might be, regardless of how powerful one's abilities might be, one would forever remain a mortal.

  However, upon passing that dividing line, one would no longer be a mortal. Rather, one would have become an immortal. When faced with the power of an immortal, mortals would naturally be no match.

  Thus, after a True Immortal appeared, everyone felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat him.

  However, the reason why the crowd was so astonished was not only limited to the fact that that man was very likely a True Immortal. In addition to that, it was because that man was very unfamiliar; he was someone that none of them had ever seen before.

  Furthermore, on that man's waist was a title plate. There were three large words written on the title plate -- Chu Heavenly Clan!!!

  "He's someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan."

  At that moment, many of Chu Feng's supporters started to worry. They all knew very well that the Chu Heavenly Clan was the overlord of an Upper Realm. To put it simply, they were the masters of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

  Since that man from the Chu Heavenly Clan had appeared, he would naturally not look on without doing anything as Chu Feng tried to kill Chu Luxuan.

  After all, Chu Luxuan was not an ordinary member of the younger generation. Instead, he was a genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

  At that moment, the crowd finally realized why Chu Luxuan had laughed like that earlier.

  It turned out that it was because he knew that someone would come save him, that the person to die today would be Chu Feng no matter what.


  Right at that moment, Chu Luxuan started laughing again. This time around, not only was his laughter filled with mockery toward Chu Feng, but it was also filled with pride.

   In Between Shapes As the pressure from the Ancient Era's War Axe that was suppressing him earlier had disappeared Chu Luxuan stood up and looked at Chu Feng.

  The smile on his face grew more and more concentrated. At that moment, Chu Luxuan totally had the appearance of someone taking advantage of his position to bully another. However, not a single person dared to say anything regarding Chu Luxuan.

  The world of martial cultivators was like that In that world, it was not only one's individual strength that mattered. One's background, one's clan and one's reliance also mattered.

  It was Chu Luxuan's fortune to be able to possess that sort of background. Even if others disapproved of it, what could they possibly do about it?

  At that moment, the crowd could only feel sorry for Chu Feng, feel sorry for him being so unlucky as to provoke a clan with such a robust background.

  However, right at that moment, that man shouted at Chu Luxuan angrily, "You still have the gall to laugh?"

  His shout not only came as a shock to Chu Luxuan, it also came as a shock to the bystanding crowd.

  "You've challenged someone to battle and been defeated. Yet you still have the nerve to laugh? Do you feel that you're
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