Jiang Chen squinted his eyes as he sat below the stage, there was an absent-minded look on his f

A trace of an amused smile clung to his face as he sometimes flicked a glance at the busy hustle on the stage. It was obvious that he did not think much of the demonstrations by the heirs.

  However, a fellow then stepped onto the stage that perked Jiang Chen's interest.

  This youth was well built and took solid steps. He was the heir to the Hubing dukedom, Hubing Yue, and one of the few best friends that Jiang Chen had in the capital.

  Jiang Chen was inwardly resigned as he watched Hubing Yue walk onto the stage. With his temperament and characteristics, neither the ethereal Amethyst Cloud Palm nor the unpredictability of the Eastern King Point were suited for him.

  Therefore, Jiang Chen was a bit surprised that Hubing Yue had put himself forward.

  But, what surprised those below the stage was that the heir to the unassuming Hubing dukedom, ranked middle out of the 108 dukedoms, possessed a strong martial dao foundation. Seven meridians true qi roared like dragons within his meridians. He was in the advanced realm of true qi with seven meridians true qi!

  This astonished even Jiang Chen.

  One had to know, even Yan Yiming, the heir to a top ten dukedom, possessed merely six meridians true qi.

  But the Hubing dukedom was ranked towards the bottom of the 108 dukedoms. Was its heir going to vault to new heights through the Hidden Dragon Trials?

  Seven meridians true qi were indeed extraordinary. They were great dragons accompanied by the sound of thunder when deployed.

  However, the Amethyst Cloud Palm seemed to lack a bit of true meaning, a bit of elegance, when demonstrated by Hubing Yue.

  "Hahaha, Hubing Yue, is that the Amethyst Cloud Palm? This is chopping wood!"

  "Amethyst Cloud Palm is elegance personified. This Hubing Yue looks like a farmer plowing his fields when he demonstrates it. I can watch no longer."

  Some audience members mocked him immediately. Although their words were jeering, they were not without some truth.

  This also fit in with Jiang Chen's earlier conclusion. The Amethyst Cloud Palm was not a good match for Hubing Yue's style.

  However, it was not as if there was nothing that could be gleaned from Hubing Yue's version of the Amethyst Cloud Palm. At least his foundations were solid, and it was much more practical than some of the other flowery versions that were demonstrated earlier.

  Princess Gouyu recognized his steadiness and stability, and pronounced a judgement of "peak of skillful".

  The identity of the heirs who followed him were even more outstanding.  Chapter 24: Jiang Chen Shocks All Those Present

  The heir of Tianshui dukedom, Shui Qingshu, demonstrated the Eastern King Point. Fluttering and ethereal, it was a bizarre flow. It appeared that he had actually trained it to a pretty good level.

  Princess Gouyu inclined her head slightly upon seeing this, and rated it at "Peak Perfection".

  The heir of Black Tortoise, Yi Taichu, exhibited a flowery version of the Amethyst Cloud Palm. It was extremely elegant, like mercury spilt on the ground. This cooled the ardor of several youths who had been chomping at the bit to hop onto the stage and have a go.

  They felt the distance yawning between them and Yi Taichu in comparison.

  As for Princess Gouyu, she also looked on in admiration and gave a rating of "Initial Flawless".

  This was also the first heir of the day who had received a "Flawless" realm evaluation.

  One had to know that it was incredibly uncommon to practice a martial dao method to even "Peak Perfection".

  Achieving the flawless realm basically meant that there were no vulnerabilities or flaws. The practitioner had reached a level in which not even a drop of water would find an opening.

  The next level was the "Great Perfection" realm.

  Only a true genius was able to train a martial dao method to the level of "Great Perfection". This meant that, at least for this particular martial technique, this particular practitioner's understanding a
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