I think my save is corrupt

It's been multiple days that i am trying to fix an issue where my save aren't recognized by the game , this is a "new" windows install since i had backed up stuff that i could recover from my old account , when i put the saved folder in the Local appdata folder and launch the game nothing happens . i really like the game but having to catch up all my old progress would be a purge .

I tried steam cloud files , i tried creating another Savelist.sav file with the same name as my character , best i could get was an infinite loading screen

my backed up save folder : https://gofile.io/d/aj0DlT

my steam cloud files : https://gofile.io/d/GRHncz


  • I had this same problem, I lost my account I already had all the scams and almost all styles and I lost everything ...

    did u solve it?
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