Hungry for Content!

I'm not even sure if you're still reading these things. But We are hungry for content. I've been told you guys made a promise to never charge for DLC expansions and you are done with the game. (Hope Not). But if this is true about DLC, Have you thought about working out a toy deal with Mcfarland Toys? Or something like that to bring in more revenue toward the game? Maybe selling a figure wearing each mask you guys have produced for Absolver or close to it. Seams simple-minded but I promise we'll buy them, We'll buy them all! Especially if it's at average action figure price including a mask our fighters wear in-game.

Since the company is still growing it also may not be a bad idea to go the New Hitman Game route and break the expanding world of absolver into paid expansions each growing the world more each time. If you guys ask us in a poll what we will pay for we will answer honestly. And then give you our money.
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